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Registration Opens Jan 1, 2017


What a day! The 2016 Santa Fe Century is now one for the books. A stellar, blue-bird sunny day without a cloud in the sky - sunscreen was a must! The day started off cool, but comfortable. The wind picked up in the late morning, coming out of the west to provide a tail wind from Cedar Grove to Stanley. This also meant there was a bit of a headwind on the home stretch to the finish. The mood was joyful, everyone was smiling and riders had a lot of fun on one of the most beautiful, scenic rides in the southwest.

Congratulations to all the riders who participated this year and a huge Thank You to the 130+ volunteers who made it all possible.

We are grateful for the exceptional turnout and support from the NM State Police, City of Santa Fe Police, county sheriffs and rescue teams that provided escorts and patrolled the route to keep our riders safe and provide support for any riders in need.

If you forgot to pick up your gear that you left at the Madrid valet, please contact us at

We have posted many pictures from the day on Facebook - check them out! Please share your pictures with us.

Rider pictures will be available from Sundance Images.

Monies raised from our event go to support the St. Vincent's Hospital Foundation, Youth Shelters and Family Services and the Santa Fe City Library Youth Summer Reading Program.

Block your calendar for next year: May 21, 2017

Top 3 Women Medio Fondo finishers were:
Diane Percy with 2:12:42.5
Mel Pape with 2:12:57.0
Debbie Beckwith with 2:18:35.7

Top 3 Men Medio Fondo finishers were:
Chris Emory with 2:01:03.3
Scott Noren with 2:03:20.3
Jimmy Day with 2:03:29.3

Top 3 Women Gran Fondo finishers were:
Kathy Alvarez with 5:03:01.4
Gretchen Selby with 5:15:45.6
Sharon Madison with 5:19:29.8

The top 3 Men Gran Fondo finishers were:
Fortunado Ferrara with 4:06:06.4
Randy Flores with 4:08:17.7
Bryan Reid with 4:15:39.2

Click here to see all the Medio Fondo and Gran Fondo race results.

Here is a breakdown of who rode this year:

We welcomed 2400 riders:
41% rode the Century
45% rode the Half-Century
6% rode the 20 Mile Ride
6% raced in the Gran Fondo
2% raced in the Medio Fondo
We love to see riders come back and 50% had ridden with us before.

Riders of all ages and abilities joined in the fun:
Youngest: 9
Oldest: 88
Median age: 55

63% men
37% women

Riders came from 36 US States, of which the top five were New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Arizona and California! In addition to riders from the US, we had riders from Canada and the United Kingdom.

Bicycle New Mexico

Miles of history pass under your wheels as you bicycle down the ancient Turquoise Trail through the old mining towns of Madrid and Golden, across the mineral rich Ortiz and San Pedro Mountains, across the Estancia Valley through the villages of Cedar Grove and Stanley and on to the very old village of Galisteo, and back into scenic Santa Fe.

The Santa Fe Century is the first major cycling event in the spring in the Southwest. The weather in May is moderate and provides an opportunity to shed the winter gear for some wonderful springtime riding in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The mission of the Santa Fe Century is to get people interested in cycling and to have fun doing it! Our ride is 100% volunteer led and organized. We welcome riders of all ages and abilities.

Check Out Our Ride Videos

Galisteo Basin Descent - Santa Fe Century
Madrid - Santa Fe Century
 Golden - Santa Fe Century
Garden of the Gods - Santa Fe Century

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