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Gran Fondo

Would you like to challenge yourself against the clock and others in your age bracket? The Gran Fondo route is the same as that of the Santa Fe Century until the right turn onto Two Trails Road, which is about 89 miles from the start. The timing finish is on Two Trails Road, 89.5 miles from the start. To return to the start, take a u-turn after the timed finish to return to the Century route. Click here to read the full description of the course.

This will be a group-start event. Participants should be comfortable riding in a group. This is a poor place to learn pack-riding skills - please practice before entering! Expect the pace to be very fast at the front. Last year the first riders finished the event in 4:01 and the average time for finishing was 5:31.

Participants will be electronically timed and will receive results and awards.
Age groups are divided into the following groups:

18 & under
19 - 29
30 - 39
40 - 49
50 - 59
60 - 69

The Start
There will be a mandatory rider's meeting at the start line at 6:45am and then the clock will start running with a group start at 7:00am. A police escort in front and behind the entire group of riders will slowly lead the riders for 4.5 miles until just after the intersection of NM 599 and NM 14. At that point, the escort will pull over and everyone is free to go at their own pace.

Rules of the Road
Riders are to be courteous to other participants, volunteers, and officials. Please be aware that there will be non Gran Fondo cyclists on the road. Give them verbal alerts of your presence when passing. For your safety, no aero bars or any other forward pointing handlebar extensions will be allowed. All riders must wear securely fastened ASTM approved helmets - no exceptions! Follow all traffic laws - this is an open course! Riders who disobey traffic laws will be disqualified from results and may be asked not to return the following year. This includes not crossing over the yellow line and stopping at stoplights/signs. Be safe! If you are courteous and have a positive attitude, you will have a better time and the effect will be contagious!

Finish Line
The finish line for timed riders is different from the non timed riders. Stay tuned for details about the location of the Fondo finish line. The timed finish line closes at 4:00pm.

Prizes and Awards
The Award Ceremony will follow completion of the ride and will be held in the beer garden at the Century venue. Awards will be given for the top three in every age group for men and women.

Forget to claim your medal? If you contact us and request your medal within one week of the end of the ride, we can mail your medal to you. After that week, everything gets packed up an put into storage - we will not be able to send you a medal.

Registration Fee
The Gran Fondo online registration fee is $55 ($65 after April 30th) per rider and $75 at the venue.

Finishing Times
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