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Visitor Info

Santa Fe has a wide price range of accommodations. In addition to local hotels, most of the national chains are in Santa Fe.

Please check back for discounts from our lodging partners.

Tourist Activities
In addition to fabulous places to ride, Santa Fe offers history, culture, and outdoor activities that make it easy to see why it was recently named the "Reader's Choice Destination of the Year" by Travel and Leisure Magazine. As you're planning your trip to Santa Fe for the Century, check out the information on restaurants, hiking trails, mountain bike trails, cultural activities, museums, art galleries, and more. You may want to extend your Century visit by a few days to enjoy more of what Santa Fe and New Mexico have to offer.

Santa Fe Airport
Fly nonstop to Santa Fe from Denver, Dallas, or Phoenix on American Airlines or United Airlines right into the Santa Fe Airport.
American Airlines
United Airlines

Santa Fe is at 7,000 feet. That is a mile and a half above sea level! If you live at sea level or a significantly lower elevation, please allow a couple of days, if possible, for your body to adjust to the high altitude. Also, in the Spring we can have 40 degree temperature swings from the early morning to mid-afternoon. Our humidity level is also very low, which is why we have the beautiful blue skies. But, visitors need to drink more water than usual to stay hydrated.

Bike Rentals
These bike shops can rent bikes if you're not able to bring your own:
Melo Velo Bike Shop -, 505.995.8356
Santa Fe Bike N Sport - Bike & Sport, 505.820.0809
SpinDoc (located in Eldorado) -, 505.466.4181