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Important Rider Info

The Course
All rides start and finish from the west parking lot of the Santa Fe Community College (6401 Richards Avenue, Santa Fe, NM 87508).

All routes are carefully marked with signs along the entire distance. This is an open course and riders are responsible to observe and obey all traffic laws.

Helmets meeting CPSC standards are mandatory For your safety, no aero bars or any other forward pointing handlebar extensions will be allowed on either of the timed rides (Medio Fondo and Gran Fondo).

The New Mexico State Police, Santa Fe Police, Santa Fe County Sheriffs and the New Mexico Ham Radio Operators will be out to help riders. Please be courteous to local traffic and drivers. New Mexico State law allows riders to ride two abreast. Please use common sense and be safe! We recommend riding single file in traffic.

In case of injury, medical assistance is available from the fire districts along the routes. If it is a medical emergency, dial 911. We will be periodically monitoring our email,, for those who need to communicate with us during the ride. However, be aware that there are areas along the route that do not have cell phone service.

There are 6 food/hydration stops along the 100 mile course that are spaced 12-28 miles apart. They are located at Madrid, Heartbreak Hill (water/sports drink only), Cedar Grove, Stanley, Galisteo and Eldorado. Food stops are manned by volunteers and offer snacks, fresh fruit, energy drink, water, first aid, sunscreen and more. If you need to sag back to the venue, please speak to one of the volunteers at a Food/Hydration Stop. In addition, local bike shops' mechanics will be available to help with repairs at all Food Stops.

Ride Kit
Every rider will receive a Ride Kit that contains a Santa Fe Century water bottle, Rider Numbers, and Route Maps with route instructions. Gran and Medio Fondo riders will also receive a bicycle number which includes their timing chip. You can pick up your Ride Kit at Santa Fe Brewing Company (35 Fire Pl, Santa Fe, NM 87508) on Saturday between 3:00 and 5:30 PM or at the Santa Fe Century Venue (Santa Fe Community College, 6401 Richards Avenue, Santa Fe, NM 87508) beginning at 6 AM on the morning of the rides. Click here for pick up times.

Join us on social media:
Meet other riders, ask questions and find out more about the ride on our Facebook page.

Share your training and experience in the 2020 Santa Fe Century by joining the new Santa Fe Century Strava Club.

Teams, groups and clubs are welcome to participate in all the rides. When registering online, you have the option to create or join a team. If you are a team captain, you can also assign a password for your team to use when registering. Because our fees are so affordable, fund raising groups have sponsored teams that raise funds for their cause.

Tandem Riders
Tandem riders are welcome. Each rider must register separately to receive their own bib number.

Clothing and equipment
Each year we welcome over 2,300 riders from around the United States and the globe. Santa Fe is at an altitude of 7,000 feet and typically the weather is cool in the morning, warming up quickly as the sun climbs in the sky. Dressing in layers that can be shed and having a lightweight windbreaker is essential. Each rider must come prepared with large water bottles, spare tube & patch kit, pump, tire changing tools, sunscreen and lip-balm. The route is rural and the few stores along the route may not be open.

There is plenty of parking available at the Santa Fe Century's start/finish venue. Please follow the signs for parking when you arrive.

The Century offers great looking jerseys, socks and t-shirts. This year's models can be seen in our our Store. Order apparel when you register. A limited quantity will be available for purchase the day before and on the day of the ride - and we sell out.

Santa Fe is at 7,000 feet. That is a mile and a half above sea level! If you live at sea level or a significantly lower elevation, please allow a couple of days, if possible, for your body to adjust to the high altitude. Also, in the Spring we can have 40 degree temperature swings from the early morning to mid-afternoon. Our humidity level is also very low, which is why we have the beautiful blue skies. But, visitors need to drink more water than usual to stay hydrated.

Bike Rentals
These bike shops can rent bikes if you're not able to bring your own:
Melo Velo Bike Shop -, 505.995.8356
Santa Fe Bike N Sport - Bike & Sport, 505.820.0809

Rider Photos
Sundance Images is the official photographer of the Santa Fe Century. Click here for more information about Rider Photos.

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