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20 Mile Ride

This ride is designed for cyclists with minimum cycling experience. A beginning cyclist should allow three hours to complete the ride, including a rest at the food stop at the halfway point in Eldorado. There will be many riders riding with you. The energy and enthusiasm of all the people out there is contagious, encouraging, and fun!! The best advice for beginning cyclists is to pay attention and use good cycling etiquette by making other cyclists around you aware of your actions. Always use hand signals when turning or stopping. In addition to the hand signals, pull over, off the shoulder, when stopping on the route and say "stopping" to notify those riders behind you. Pass other cyclists on the left and let them know you are there by saying, "On your left."

Finishers in every category will receive a commemorative finisher's medal, earn yours in 2022!

The Route

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The 20 mile ride starts on the Rail Trail next to Site Santa Fe south of Paseo de Peralta. Riders will follow the Rail Trail through the tunnel under St. Francis Dr. and follow the signs to Baca St. Riders will turn left on Baca St. and cross Cerrillos Rd. Once across Cerrillos Rd. Continue on Monterey Dr., going straight through the traffic circle onto Monterey Dr. Continue on Monterey Dr. until it dead ends on Santa Rosa Dr. There is a paved entrance to the Rail Trail straight across Santa Rosa Dr. Turn right on the Rail Trail and take it all the way to Rabbit Rd. Turn left on Rabbit Rd. and take that all the way to Old Pecos Trail where you will make a left. Stay on Old Pecos Trail for 0.5 miles before turning right at the traffic light onto Old Las Vegas HWY. The Old Las Vegas HWY is also a piece of the original Old Santa Fe Trail route and has some easy to moderate rolling hills - the kind where you can get up enough momentum on the downhill to make it almost to the top of the next hill. These rollers can be a lot of fun! The route now heads to Cafe Fina where you can fuel up at the rest stop. 

The Finish

From Cafe Fina, riders will head North on Old Las Vegas Hwy and turn right on Old Pecos Trail at the traffic light and then make another right a mile later to stay on Old Pecos Trail. Old Pecos Trail will bring riders into town (eventually turning into Old Santa Fe Trail) where it intersects with Paseo de Peralta. When riders turn left onto Paseo de Peralta they may use the entire right lane, which will be closed to cars all the way in to the Railyard before turning right on Chili Line Lane and through the finish.The total elevation gain on the route is 1,273 feet.

Free parking is available 0.7 miles from the start/finish line at the Joseph M. Montoya and Harold L. Runnels buildings parking lot. The parking lot is located between Cordova Rd. and Alta Vista St. near the South Capital Railrunner station. There is also street parking and a parking garage in the Railyard.

Finishers in every category will receive a commemorative finisher's medal! Earn yours in 2022!

Start Time
Although all riders may start at their pleasure, we suggest that the 20 mile riders start between 9:00 and 10:00am. Allowing approximately 3 hours for beginning riders, this will place you back at the finish line between noon and 1:00pm. The venue will be alive with music and activity. Also, the Gran Fondo, Medio Fondo, and 50 mile riders will be rolling in. So time your start so that your finish will be a part of the festivities!!

Gear and Equipment
Each rider needs a bike in good mechanical condition with enough gears to climb moderate hills.

Helmets meeting CPSC standards are mandatory. All riders should ride single file, obey traffic laws and adhere to the same rules as automobiles. In addition, each cyclist must carry a spare tube, a patch kit, pump or CO2 cartridges and basic tools. Each rider should carry extra water.

Food Stop
There is one Food Stop with snacks, fresh fruit, energy drink and water at Cafe Fina which is at the 12.7 mile half-way point.

Registration Fee 
January 1st - May 16th - $30
Onsite registration May 21st-22nd - $40