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Half-Century Ride

About the Half-Century

This ride is great for cyclists of moderate ability. If you have done some 20-25 mile rides, you might surprise yourself at your ability to now do a Half-Century!! The camaraderie and support of the other cyclists will encourage you Many riders are occasional weekend cyclists. But, because it is 50 miles and does require some endurance, doing some training rides prior to the event will add to your confidence and ability. The total elevation gain is 2,485 feet. A large part of the ride is on rural roads with little car traffic. There are rolling hills and glorious picturesque views, like scenes from old western movies. It also includes a rest stop in the historic charming village of Galisteo, where the locals turn out to offer their support at the Galisteo food stop.

NEW in 2020 finishers in all categories will receive a commemorative finisher's medal! Earn yours in 2020!

To Be Timed, or Not to Be Timed The Half-Century and the Medio Fondo follow the same course. Half-Century riders are not timed while Medio Fondo riders are chip-timed. If you wish to ride 50 miles timed, please register for the Medio Fondo.

Start Time The Half-Century riders have the option to launch in a group or by themselves. Half-Century riders are encouraged to join in the group start at 8:15am, riding out behind the timed Medio Fondo riders. This is a great way to kick off your ride with the fun and energy of the other riders in a safe, escorted group! A police escort in front and behind the entire group of riders will slowly lead the riders for 4.5 miles until just after the intersection of NM 599 and NM 14. At that point, the escort will pull over and everyone is free to go at their own pace. If you choose not to participate in the 8:15am rollout, please be aware that a group launch will be taking place at that time and plan accordingly.

Gear and Equipment Each rider needs a multiple gear bike with a low gear for hill climbing in good mechanical condition. A bicycle tune up prior to the event is highly recommended.

Helmets meeting CPSC standards are mandatory. In addition, each cyclist must carry a spare tube, a patch kit, pump or CO2 cartridges and basic tools. This ride is supported with 2 Food Stops. However, each rider should carry extra water.

Course Time The average moderate rider should allow 4-5 hours to complete the course. The biggest challenge for the 50 mile rider will be Lamy Hill. Located on the return part of the loop about 5 miles from Galisteo, the steepest part is about 1/2 mile long. The moderate rider can probably take the climb in 15 minutes or less. Just keep pedaling!! The course and the start/finish venue close at 5:30pm when the route is swept for any remaining riders.

Food Stops There are 2 Food Stops with snacks, fresh fruit, energy drinks, water and more:

Galisteo - 23 miles Eldorado - 37 miles

Photographs Rider photos will be taken on HWY 285 just before Lamy Hill.

Registration Fee The Half-Century online registration fee is $45 per rider and $65 at the venue.