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The Rides

the rides

We strive to provide a well-organized, supported, safe, fun, and inexpensive cycling tour through some of the most scenic parts of northern New Mexico.

100% Volunteer Organized and Produced
Our volunteers make this ride happen!!! Their warmth, energy and personality give the day a unique feeling that our riders rave about.

This is a tour, not a race. We encourage camaraderie among riders and support their drive to complete the course along with the challenges each level of difficulty presents. While there is an overall course clock, individual riders are not timed.

everyone welcome
Compared to other rides, our registration fees are quite low. We do this to encourage all cyclists to join us and try to make the event as accessible as possible. Because of this, different fund raising groups have sponsored teams that raise funds for their cause.

Everyone Is Welcome
We invite riders of all ages, skill levels and styles to join us. Individuals, families, clubs and teams are welcome. There is a course option to challenge every rider: a 20 mile ride, the Half-Century (50 miles) and the Century (103 miles).

Teams, groups and clubs are welcome to participate in all the rides. When registering, you have the option to create or join a team. If you are a team captain, you can also assign a password for your team to use when registering.

Scenery & History
the rides two
The rides take you down scenic roads through rural and historic towns of northern New Mexico. There are wide-open vistas and expansive (mostly blue) skies. Check out our videos of the routes on YouTube.

The Venue
All rides start from the Century venue at Christus St. Vincent's Regional Medical Center in Santa Fe. All routes are carefully marked with signs along the entire distance. This is an open course and riders are responsible to observe and obey all traffic laws.

ANSI approved HELMETS ARE MANDATORY! For your safety, no aero bars or any other forward pointing handlebar extensions will be allowed. The New Mexico State Police, The Santa Fe Police, other local law enforcement agencies, the New Mexico National Guard and the New Mexico Ham Radio Operators will be out to help riders. In case of injury, medical assistance is available from the fire districts along the routes. Please be courteous to local traffic and drivers. New Mexico State law allows riders to ride 2 abreast. Please use common sense and be safe! We recommend riding single file in traffic.

Food Stops are provided along the course that offer snacks, fresh fruit, energy drink, water, first aid, sunscreen and more. Sag-Wagons patrol the routes to help riders. In addition, local bike shops’ mechanics will help with repairs, small parts, tires & tubes at all Food-Stops.

Riders and Gear
merchandise jersey
Each year we welcome approximately 2,500 riders from around the United States and the globe. Santa Fe is at an altitude of 7,000 feet and typically the weather is cool in the morning, warming up quickly as the sun climbs in the sky. Dressing in layers that can be shed and having a lightweight windbreaker is essential. It is recommended that each rider carry large water bottles, spare tube & patch kit, pump, tire changing tools, sunscreen and lip-balm. The route is rural and the few stores along the route may not be open.

The Century offers great looking t-shirts, hats and jerseys. Check out our Store to see this year’s models. Items can be purchased at the time of registration, or added to an existing registration.

Join us in the Beer Garden
Enjoy a drink in the Beer Garden after your ride! The Beer Garden will feature beers from the Santa Fe Brewing Company. Proceeds benefit the Christus St. Vincent Regional Cancer Center.

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